Custom Acrylic Spotify Photo (scan + play) - Pictical™
Custom Acrylic Spotify Photo (scan + play) - Pictical™
Custom Acrylic Spotify Photo (scan + play) - Pictical™
Custom Acrylic Spotify Photo (scan + play) - Pictical™

Custom Acrylic Spotify Photo (scan + play)

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Select size and then Customize to add your preferred image and Spotify link. Upload a high-resolution image and zoom in or out to achieve your desired result. Rotate image to indicate a preference for a horizontal orientation and your Spotify code will be rotated in post production. Select which corner you would like the Spotify code to be in. Images may be slightly adjusted for fit. We suggest uploading a clear, high-resolution image.

If you need assistance, please contact and a designer will be in touch with you.

Spotify code instructions:

From your Spotify App or web browser, select the three dots to the right of the song you'd like to customize and then select "Share" and "Copy Link". You may then paste the link into the customize form.


This acrylic photo print features a Spotify code in one of the corners. Each order is custom-made and professionally printed on shatter-resistant clear acrylic. Our acrylic is high-quality, high-gloss and professionally cut and polished in our printing facility. Our design team crafts each item to ensure perfection. 

Each print goes through a double-printing process so the print is opaque and rich in color. This option comes with a Spotify URI code that can be scanned with your phone camera within the Spotify app to automatically play your selected song. (Please note that playlists and podcasts will not automatically play.) 

Care Instructions

Can be framed or mounted on the wall, or placed in our custom acrylic photo stand.

Please handle with care to avoid scratches.

Please avoid applying harsh adhesive to the print to avoid damage.

Clean with a microfiber or lens cloth as needed. 


Available in 8inx10in, 11inx14in, and 16inx20in. Acrylic is 3mm thick. Please contact for custom size orders. 

Shipping and Returns

Orders ship within 3-6 business days. Made in the USA. Shipping available worldwide.

Please be certain that your design does not contain any typos and appears exactly as you would like it to print before you finalize your order. 

Due to the custom nature of the product, orders are not refundable or returnable but we do offer a quality guarantee. Please contact us if you're experiencing an issue with your order and we will be happy to assist!