Care Instructions

Please handle with care to avoid scratches to the acrylic.

Avoid applying harsh adhesive to the print to prevent damage.

Clean dust and fingerprints with a microfiber or lens cloth as needed to avoid damaging the surface. Please note that clothing or paper towels may damage the surface.

When your order arrives, it will come with a protective brown or blue layer. Carefully peel the paper off from the corner and be careful not to scrape the surface. The protective layer will peel off with ease once lifted and it will not damage the acrylic.


Arrival Time: Production and Shipping

Each custom order takes 2-4 complete business days to produce, (less than 1 calendar week). Shipping method does not impact production delivery time. Orders do not ship on weekends or holidays. We ship via USPS and we will send you a tracking number to the email or cell phone number you provided at checkout the day your order is scheduled to ship. Please then allow up to 48 hours for your tracking information to update. On rare occasions, the tracking number may take longer to update, however once you receive the shipping notification, the item is being processed by USPS.

Generally, you will receive a tracking number within 6 business days of placing the order. We do not provide arrival status updates. Each order will ship on time and within the time frame as stated and we have no further information we can provide. 

Shipping and handling options are available at checkout and available options vary by the total weight of your order. Shipping estimates are provided by USPS. Please contact USPS if your shipment appears delayed.

Please note that we do not have control over delivery once the item leaves our facility. Please contact USPS with delivery questions or concerns.



All our products are made with acrylic that mimics the beauty of glass, without the increased fragility. The material is shatter-resistant and clear. 



Items can be framed or mounted on the wall with a gentle adhesive, or placed in our custom acrylic photo stand specially designed to fit the 4"x5", the 6"x8", the 8"x10", and the 11"x14". We currently do not have a stand option for the 16"x20"

We do not currently offer framing options, however your order can be placed in a frame purchased separately.


Production Process

Each item is professionally designed and printed in our commercial facilities. To ensure a timely delivery, each order immediately enters production upon receiving the order. All orders regardless of shipping method take 2-5 business days to produce. We are closed on weekends and holidays.


Order Change and Cancellation Policy

To ensure a speedy delivery, all orders immediately enter production upon payment and are therefore final once submitted. Orders cannot be canceled or changed due to production speed. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact info@pictical.com within 12 hours of placing your order if you would like to request consideration for a revision to your order design and Customer Support will determine whether any modifications are possible. If a design revision is possible, a $7 change fee will apply. 


Incorrect Address or Address Change

If you entered the incorrect address at checkout or you wish to update the address, you must contact info@pictical.com with the complete and updated address as soon as possible. If your order has already been shipped, we will be unable to accommodate an address change and unfortunately we would be unable to process a refund.

If your order has already shipped and you wish to reroute it, you should contact USPS to request assistance as soon as possible. We cannot assist with package reroutes and we cannot refund orders due to incorrect address errors.


Shipping Delays or Lost Packages

We unfortunately have no control over shipments once they leave our facility and some shipments may experience delays in transit. We provide shipping estimates but we do not offer delivery window guarantees. For all shipping matters, USPS customer support is the best resource for assistance. Customers must contact USPS to file a claim for lost or stolen packages.


International Orders

International orders may be subject to additional duties or taxes upon delivery. Shipping time varies from 1-3 weeks for international orders. Most international orders arrive within 7-10 days of shipment.


Customer Support

Please contact us if you still have questions. Please allow up to 1 business day to receive a response. We're open 9AM-5PM EST, excluding weekends and holidays.